Rachael Chorlton Lewis

What the hell are you doing putting a picture of me with my neice on this site for, how dare you. You have no permittion to do so. At least put just a picture of me. You stupid people. You have no idea what the hell ypu are talking about by the way. Fucking idiots.
Rachael Chorlton Lewis
rachel chorlton lewis

They may welcome media interviews:

Birmingham, UK. Jason - 07821 453 905 jason0-8@hotmail.co.uk
Rachael - 07732 448 112 rachael0-8@hotmail.co.uk

ID: 1954
DATE: 2010-06-27 14:17:01
FROM: techsec@scientologybirmingham.com
TO: RACHAEL LEWIS [rachael0-8@hotmail.co.uk]
SUBJECT: Maiden Voyages


I would like to invite you to our Maiden Voyages this year.

This year there is only 3!!!! Not 4

They will be starting with a bang on Fri 16th July 7pm at the Brittania Hotel.

Then the 2nd event will be on the Sat 24th July 2pm Crown Hotel

3rd will be on the 30th July 7pm Brittania Hotel

We have been told that these Maiden Voyages are as big as the Basics!!

Let me know you are coming

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