My Dear Sirs [we respond to Adlex legal threat]

To: Sarah Aslan
Date: Wednesday, 6 July 2011 07:53:41
Subject: Re: Defamatory publication on

My Dear Sirs(!)

Hello and thank you for contacting us. We have shut down the website in question.

Oh wait, just kidding. We haven't, since the site in question is fully legal.

I'm not sure UK legislation applies in Sweden. I'm pretty sure it's, like, a separate country. Nice try, with the bogus "defamation" and "data protection" "complaints". Her office address and stuff was on public websites, that she put there, presumably. She made her date of birth visible on a "social network", for one. We always give everyone the full right-to-reply. (oh, by the way - Emma, we're still waiting for the video and text statement you promised us, several weeks ago.)

Do feel free to continue sending us frivolous and meaningless letters; we will publish them (, in full. Do continue to take money from your client, the "well respected journalist"; I'm sure it is money well spent.

I'd like to congratulate you for sending letters by recorded delivery. Well done. You do have to get the
addresses right, though. We have no presence in London. If I come to London, can I stay at your place? (Or maybe Sarah's?) It would be soooooo much fun -- we could stay up late, paint our nails and you could tell me all about Data Protection protocols!!

Looking forward to your reply,

All my love



Emma Brumpton, AP, list of approx 600 contacts

Thanks to our friends at Facebook, who leaked this to us.


LEGAL THREAT from Associated Press "Journalist" Emma Brumpton [5 July 2011]

Here’s the text from the letter:

From: Sarah Aslan (

Please see attached letter and acknowledge receipt.

Adlex Solicitors
Tel: +44 (0) 207 317 8400
Fax: +44 (0) 207 317 8405
Mob: +44 (0) 7775 635 835
76A Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BJ


The sender does not guarantee that this message including any attachment is
secure or virus free. Also, it is confidential and may be privileged or
otherwise protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient,
do not disclose or copy it or its contents. Please telephone or email the
sender and delete entirely from your system


5 July 2011

Signed for international delivery
Gottfrid Swartholm
Box 1206
SE 114 79 SE
by email to,,

Dear Sirs

Defamatory publication on

This letter is being sent in accordance with the Defamation Pre Action Protocol. See: rules/civil/contents/protocols/prot_def.htm

We act for Emma Brumpton.

Our client is concerned about defamatory comments on a webpage operated by you at Please let us know if you require a copy of this webpage.

The webpage names our client adjacent to the words “FOLLOWERS OF THE DISTURBING SCIENTOLOGY CULT”. Similar wording also appears in the metatitle and description of the page, which are visible in search engines.

On the same webpage the following appears: “Scientology is the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the world has ever seen.”
The webpage also displays a photograph of Ms Brumpton under the words:

“Emma Brumpton, Associated Press - having a blast at the Patrons Ball, but says 'not a Scientologist', just 'friends' with them. She got to see the legend David Miscavige talk about superb expansion!”..

The page also includes the phrase Please take me off this website, as I’m not a Scientologist” above a picture of our client, together with the words “Emma I’m –not- a-scientologist Brumpton” above a photograph of our client at the Patrons Ball in 2009.

These comments, together with the quotation marks around the phrases “not a Scientologist” and “friends” with them, are designed to give the impression, not only that our client is a Scientologist ( which you describe amongst other things as “ruthless” and “terrorist” ), but that our client’s denial that she is a Scientologist is false.

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No. 344672)
tel: +44 (0) 207 317 8404 76A Belsize Lane principal: Adam Taylor fax: +44 (0) 207 317 8405 London NW3 5BJ mobile: +44 (0) 7775 635835
The above comments are false and seriously defamatory of our client, who is a well- respect journalist. The defamation is continuing.

As she has made clear to you, our client is not a member of the Scientology organisation. You have posted the email from our client confirming this fact. However, you have continued to publish the defamatory comments.

In addition, without our client’s consent, you have published her personal details, including her date of birth, address, email address and details relating to her education. This is in clear breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Therefore, our client requires that, within two business days from the date of this letter, you remove all references to our client from your website and in the relevant title and meta-description.

The Pre-action Protocol states that “[t]he parties should consider whether some form of alternative dispute resolution procedure would be more suitable than litigation.” Our client would be willing to consider the possibility of mediation to resolve this matter, provided that the references to our client are removed in the meantime.

If the matter cannot be quickly and satisfactorily resolved, our client will have no alternative but to pursue legal proceedings (including a claim for damages) and to issue a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office concerning the breaches of the Data Protection Act.

We trust that this will not be necessary.

Yours faithfully

[Adam Taylor - generic law firm signature]

cc: John Smith, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE (recorded delivery)

tel: +44 (0) 207 317 8404 76A Belsize Lane principal: Adam Taylor fax: +44 (0) 207 317 8405 London NW3 5BJ mobile: +44 (0) 7775 635835

Adam Taylor, the "lawyer"

adam taylor - UK internet lawyer Adam Taylor
[UK internet lawyer Adam Taylor]

Here’s the entire letter:

Download or open the PDF version of emma brumpton legal threat

Emma Brumpton is not a Scientologist


Emma Brumpton, Associated Press - having a blast at the Patrons Ball, but says 'not a Scientologist', just 'friends' with them. She got to see the legend David Miscavige talk about superb expansion!

Born 07 February 1984 [How old is Emma Brumpton?]

emma brumpton

October 2007: Kelly Preston visits the Bluebell Railway prior to the Charity Concert at Saint Hill Manor which raised £150,000 Bluebell Railway Trust. Kelly Preston was the master of ceremonies for the concert and performers included the trumpeter and composer Mark Isham, The Jive Aces and Woody Woodmansey - Saint Hill Manor
emma brumpton at ias patrons ball 2009
associated press
patrons ball 2009 ticket pricing

‘Please take me of this website, as I’m not a Scientologist’.

Emma, we clearly state that you aren't.

'Take me off anyway, I'm not part of that religion'

emma brumpton
Update Wednesday, 14 March 2012 Emma is also involved in this Scientology enterprise:

Hagelou Proms - GLOBAL MEDIA Global Media
Hall of Fame 2010 
Emma Brumpton On the Road

Emma Brumpton
Film-maker and Global Adventurer
Studied an HND in Television Operations and Production at Aberdeen College

Emma's time at College provided her with not only the practical skills to carve out a successful career, but also engendered in her the commitment and confidence that is so essential within her field. She now runs her own company,, which is based in central London and she works all around the world. Her projects have included films on the Jamaican Olympic gold-medallist Usain Bolt, a feature on witch-hunting in Burkina Faso and FIFA’s international football projects. She has worked on a number of projects worldwide, including a television news feature in Nigeria about the Cross River State gorillas and documentaries about Jamaican coffee plantations and swimming pigs in the Bahamas.

FE students reach for the glittering prizes - Further Education ...

Just five years after completing her HND in television operations and production there, Emma Brumpton is working as an international film

- ...
Emma Brumpton Film-maker and Global Adventurer Studied an HND in Television Operations and Production at Aberdeen College. Emma's time at College provided..

Emma Brumpton's Education
Aberdeen College

Emma Brumpton
High Street
IV32 7NQ


Dear Sir,

I hope you can help?

I fully respect your right to have your own views and opinions on any religion. We live in a free society with the right to speak our mind!

My name is Emma Brumpton and I’m based in London. I was extremely upset and disturbed to find that my profile I had been uploaded to your website. I am not a Scientologist. Never have been never will be. I was brought up in a Christian home in the north east of Scotland. I have attended 1 event in the past which I was invited to speak about my charity in London helping young adults affected by gun and knife crime in London produce films. I fully respect your right to have your own views and opinions on a religion. I fully respect this. Please can you respect mine and remove me from this cult website. I would be more than happy to speak over the phone to you about my true beliefs, which actually include Buddhism, not Scientology.

Many thanks and I appreciate your help!


'sup Emma,

I got your email, voicemail and text message

I'll copy-paste your statement below, you're claim that you haven't been drinking the koolaid. The problem, Emma, is that you're lending credibility to dangerous organisation that harms people; I don't care about their
beliefs (as you say, we are free to believe what we please).

Best wishes


Emma sounds like a lovely person. I would hope she tries to understand the text below.

Over many years of experience, The Family Survival Trust has become aware of the wide variety of techniques employed by cults to win power, money and influence. We learn much of this through interested and aware members of the public, journalists, researchers, academics, officials and professionals, ex-members of cults, families of those in cults, and sometimes current members themselves. Some of the different ways in which they operate are given here.

Cults [like $cientology] very seldom admit to the extortion, dissociation and manipulation brought to bear on their members. The face they present to the public and potential recruits is very different indeed.
When recruiting, cults do not make a full disclosure about what they are and how they operate. They may hand out leaflets or talk to passers-by offering friendship, love or relief from stress, for example. If someone, normally of above average intelligence and at a low point in their life, is enticed from the street by such conversation or literature, they may then be exposed to more of the same, except in isolation and mixed with hard-sales persuasion. This is not the basis for them to make a clear judgement about a group, especially one which has not made a full disclosure about itself.
When openly lobbying government, spiritual or religious cults will talk about their belief systems, which range from the apparently normal to the bizarre; political cults will talk about their political ideologies; therapeutic cults will talk about their therapies and so on.
They will move the debate onto grounds of belief rather than the theory and practices they use which cause so much harm, hoping to distract attention from the real issue and presenting any critics as being anti-religious or bigoted.
A cult will not talk about any commercial activity unless it wants to be seen as a business, and commercial pyramid-sales cults will try to pass off extortion as legitimate business. Cults claiming tax-exemption on the grounds of religious or charitable relief will play down their fundraising altogether. Therapeutic cults claiming amazing cures, relief or treatments will not produce empirical evidence to back their claims and rely on officials not asking awkward questions.

Cults use freedom of speech and freedom of conscience legislation to give themselves an air of honesty and respectability. They do not mention the isolation, impoverishment and abuse of their members who are not conducting public relations. Higher ranking members can wear impressive suits and wine and dine officials, paid for by extortion from the lower ranks. There are large deputations of representatives of cults and their front groups at conferences hosted by national and international government. How can they afford to pay for their voices to be heard apart from commercial activity or extortion?
How can cults afford their often impressively grand headquarters, whether in the heart of London or other large cities in the United Kingdom and abroad, or in large country estates? Where does the money come from? At the same time, the members whose tithes, labour, money and manpower pay for the grand estates live in often cramped and squalid dormitory conditions, or struggle to pay for their own small homes. Cults may also apply for grants available to religious charities, paid for by the tax-paying general public, and often obtain what they want without providing any proof of their activities or satisfying any criteria.

Cults sometimes maintain front groups which may reveal nothing of the cults with which they maintain ties. Some cults publish newspapers which do not disclose their true owners, because the company possesses a different name, and thereby pursues its agenda on unsuspecting readers undetected.
Other cults have front groups of different names which provide education courses to discreetly pursue their cultic agenda with vulnerable and unsuspecting children and their teachers; some even maintain schools or universities; or offer management training to employees who know little or nothing until it is too late; others offer laudable-sounding literacy or drug-rehabilitation programmes which are untried, untested and make promises ungrounded in any science or research.

Cults will in some way isolate their members to prevent them from a balanced world view. This begins from the start, when the potential recruit is taken from the street and brought into a strange enclosed environment on their own, persuaded, cajoled and pushed into joining, rather than making a balanced decision in their own time and space.
On the whole, cults will attempt to diminish their members' ability to think for themselves by controlling information, being the only voice which knows what is right, what is best, and, in fact, where possible, the only voice at all. To a certain extent, this information monopoly can also be attempted as public relations tactic on the outside world.
Cults will make demands on their members to fit the cult's requirements, and in a black-and-white worldview, anything seen not to fit these requirements is seen as wrong, a failure to be shunned or shamed, or the enemy to be excluded or hounded. These demands are often justified with mystical or spiritual reasons which purport to give powers or benefits to those who observe them, or terrible (sometimes divine) afflictions to those who do not.
The worldview given by the cult is the only truth, and nothing else can be accepted. Those who do not accept it are liable to punishment or dismissal, because many cults maintain their own corrective regimes, courts and systems of justice which pay little or no heed to the real law of the land. This monopoly on "truth" and judgement may be supported by the use of a code, language or jargon which makes the group more inscrutable to outsiders and help maintain a feeling of superiority or separateness to insiders.
A cult member may be made to confess sins or faults, sometimes presented as counselling or advice but often kept for the purposes of blackmail. The cult members' own thoughts and ideas are increasingly subjugated or overridden by the doctrine of the cult as it pursues its totalitarian ideas to complete its control over its slaves. The control may be aided by hypnotic or other mind-altering techniques to induce extra suggestibility.
The process of taking an enthusiastic recruit, who may see certain aspects of the cult as being exciting or different, and then making this the chief weapon by which they suborn all other ideas in the member, is amongst the most disingenuous and manipulative of crimes to enslave an individual without their knowing it.

Cults will often encourage the separation of loved ones within families, business associations or friendships if it leads to unwelcome attention to the more unsavoury aspects of their dealings, or the hurt they cause. They will carry out harassment of critics who go to the press to highlight the damage they inflict, or disseminate negative publicity about their critics in the press or on the internet, to draw away attention from any directed at the cults themselves. More persistent critics may be subjected to a grinding process of litigation, which can, at times, continue into bankruptcy.